Visit Peebles - The Royal Burgh

Who the heck are we ?

We are - we are a website design company based in Peebles.

This Peebles Town Website was conceived, designed, built and is maintained in Peebles by us.

We are also responsible for (almost) all the content on the site - images, descriptions etc.

The whole project is completely voluntary.


The purpose of the site is to promote Peebles as a visitor destination and to promote Peebles businesses around the world.


We currently enjoy over 6000 visitors ( google verified)  to the website every month.

While many of our visitors are from afar, many are relativley close; day trippers finding out about the town and

food fanatics heading out of Edinburgh to sample some of our great eateries !


What our visitors are looking at each month :

Where to eat : 20% of pageviews

Accommodation 18% of pageviews

Shopping : 20% of our pageviews


We would be happy to include your Peebles business on the website - just get in touch !


You can help promote our website by adding a link to it from your website


If you have any comments or suggestions, please do get in touch using our contact form