Visit Peebles - The Royal Burgh



Set between the Moorfoots and the Southern Uplands, Peebles provides the perfect base for a huge range of walks to suit all tastes, levels and abilities. From the pleasant and leisurley Town Trail to a moderate riverside walk past Neidpath Castle to a more challenging hill walk such as the John Buchan Way, Peebles is the perfect base and starting point for any level of walker. Listed below you will find a selection of suggested walks but you will find more suggestions in the category Tweed Valley Forest Park

route sign
Signs like the above are used to mark several ( but not all ) walking routes

Ordnance Survey maps of Peebles and its environs are both useful and interesting to any visitor to the area but are a must for the serious walker.

See our page Area Maps of Peebles for recommend maps of our immediate area.

If you are intending to walk - either around Peebles or anywhere in Scotland it is important that you understand your Rights and Responsibilities - please read the :
Scottish Outdoor Access Code