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Enhanced Listing - Accommodation

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It is possible to list your property on this website in the 'Accommodation' categories.

The Accommodation categories feature Enhanced listings.

An Enhanced listing includes up to six photographs

It can also include a 'features table' of the property specifications ( see example ) - this is especially important when site users use the 'compare' feature

In addition to the information we need for a standard listing ( see here ), we'll also need some information about your property to use in this table.

Currently, the specifications table has the following options :

Property Type

self-catering,  B+B,  Bunk House,  Caravan/Campsites,  Hotel


number of people who can sleep in the property


number of bedrooms


number of bathrooms

Disabled Access

assisted access,  disabled access, no

Central Heating

yes,  no

Real Fire

yes,  no


yes,  no


yes,  no


public road,  off road


yes,  no

Bike Friendly

yes,  no

Child Friendly

yes,  no

We would be happy to add to this if you have other suggestions

To supply this information to us, you might find it useful to copy and paste the above into your e-mail and simply delete the options that don't apply / you don't want included.