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Peebles Beltane Video

Every year we produce a dvd featuring the week long proceedings of our towns biggest festival. All proceeds from dvd sales go to the Peebles Beltane Committee.

We video Peebles Beltane, Rugby, and other events such as St Ronan’s Games Week. In the past have videoed family events such as Awards, Christenings, Weddings and Funerals on request.

Peebles Beltane Video started as a hobby and basically it still is (it's not a business). My father purchased his first video camcorder when he went on holiday to New Zealand. On his return, he looked for further uses for it so started to video parts of the Beltane. It slowly grew, as people asked for copies, and I became involved, splitting the workload.

In addition he now videos most games played by Peebles RFC 1st Team and I make them available on the web for players and coaching staff to download and analyse.

Early results from transferring VHS-C to VHS was a slow and laborious process, but now that digital camcorders are the norm, and we are in the DVD age, the process has been streamlined, so that the first edited copies start coming off the production line within a few days after the Beltane Festival ends.

New and better technology will mean that we get better and better, and we are currently considering moving to High Definition (HD) and Blu-Ray.

Proceeds from sale of Beltane DVDS are returned to the Beltane Committee as a donation.

2012 saw us in Innerleithen at the St Ronan's Games Week; a new venture into the unknown. With the patient assistance of the Games Committee we got through the week and a collected a lot of footage along the way, and produced our first attempt at the games Week DVD set.

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