Visit Peebles - The Royal Burgh

Peebles Town Walk

Published by Peebles Civic Society, the Peebles Town Walk is a guided trail around some of the historic parts of the town.

To find out more about historical places of interest around Peebles, including those featured in the 'Peebles Town Walk', see our 'historical places' category.

A pamphlet 'Town Walk - a guide to a tour of the Royal Burgh' is available from the Tourist Information office on Peebles High Street.

The following is an extract from the pamphlets introduction:

Peebles Town Walk was originally desiged as part of Peebles Civic Society's contribution to European Architectural Heritage Year.

The full walk will take rather more than 2 hours to complete, but a shorter walk is also provided for the the pamphlet.

Many of the noteable historic buildings referred to are indicated by small metal plaques featuring the Peebles Burgh Crest which i.e. 'three salmon counter-naiant' (1 swimming upstream, 2 swimming downstream), with the town's motto "CONTRA NANDO INCREMENTUM" ("increase by swimming against the current") marking the importance of the Tweed as a breeding river for this noble fish.

The Society's first advisor on local history was the late Iain Lawson.

His "Town Walk" has been revised and extended by Douglas Harper.

Note 1 This guide is of course, limited to the town centre. There are many other interesting features of the town which have had to be ommitted. For those who would like a more detailed picture of the historical background we recommend a visit to the Peebles Public Library (Chambers Institution)