Visit Peebles - The Royal Burgh

The Park Bakery

Looking for freshly baked artisan bread? Tasty pastries, moreish muffins and everything in between? Then look no further than The Park Bakery, handily located at the end of the High Street.

Break bread in the cosy confines of The Park or takeaway and enjoy on the go.

Peebles is a town with roots firmly embedded in the textile industry, in fact it was actually the mills that brought a lot of people to live in Peebles and made the town what it is today. When the famous March Street Mill closed in 2015, The Park happened to be renovating and decided to take the materials and upcycle them to show the town’s heritage in their décor.

Whether it’s a tasty sausage roll or a freshly baked scone, you’ll find everything fresh and delicious. You can stop in for a coffee and a cake, and soak up the heritage in the décor, and in the food you eat, with the bakery being a nod to the Scottish flour mills too.