Visit Peebles - The Royal Burgh

Bank House (19th c.)

High Street, Peebles

On the right hand corner of the High Street as you face the Parish Church stands Bank House.

This stands on the site of an older building, the pre-reformation Chapel of the Virgin. When it was demolished, the 17th century Peebles Silver Arrow was recovered from where it had been concealed during the Cromwellian occupation of Scotland.

As early as the reign of Charles I the Royal Company of Archers assembled at Peebles top compete for the Silver Arrow.

The bank House is better known in this century for its association with the author John Buchan and his sister Anna Buchan who wrote under the pen name of O. Douglas.

In 1975, part of the building had to be demolished as part of the widening of Cuddy Bridge, but its famous 'red door' was incorporated round the corner in its reconstruction.


Historical content : taken from the Town Walk