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Peebles Community Trust

Peebles Community Trust is a community development company owned and operated by the community for the community.

Peebles Community Trust
It is there to canvas and represent the views and interests of the residents of Peebles, to take a strategic approach to the future development of Peebles, and where feasible help coordinate the instigation, funding and implementation of agreed actions.

Actions might range:
-    from the acquisition and management of local woodlands to improving signage and street furniture within Peebles,
-    from creating new employment opportunities within Peebles to operating business incubator units,
-    from acquiring and operating under-used or uncared for buildings to taking on the running of specific local community services.

It is not the Trust's purpose to do anything that other existing organisations are better placed or able to do, but rather to support and coordinate funding of these and other initiatives, and take forward a small number of projects in its own name.

Membership is open to all voting residents of the Peebles area and surrounds - designated as those falling within the boundaries of the Royal Burgh of Peebles and District Community Council (see boundary map here -

Annual membership involves a £1 subscription, and only requires that you complete a simple online registration form (

Your membership subscription will be collected in person by one of the Board Members of the Trust.

Membership allows you to vote-in Trustees, to participate in the Trust's formal meetings, and to give your moral, and where possible active, support to this important town initiative.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to make contact with the Trust.

The inaugural AGM was held on Wednesday 2nd April when 5 Trustees replaced the 4 founding Trustees at the meeting.

Contact Details :
Please mention that you found us through the 'Royal Burgh' website.
Tel : 01721 729839
Email : Click here to email