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Peebles Riverside Walk Gallery

A selection of images from riverside walks around Peebles

Peebles is a beautiful town and that's never more aparant than when you take a walk along one of the two rivers that run through it.

The Mighty River Tweed flows through the Tweed Valley from high in the hills of Tweedsmuir in the West. After passing through Peebles, it follows a course through the rolling borders countryside before entering the sea  at Berwick-upon-Tweed in the North of England.

It is a fishing destination of worldwide renown.

Just west of the Tweed bridge, the Eddleston Water (locally and affectionately known as 'the Cuddy') joins the Tweed. It's course brings it from the hills North of the town.

The route along the Cuddy are almost entirely through residential parts of the town itself and there is a footpath most of its length as you head north to the edge of town.

The Tweed on the other hand is mostly edged by trees as it makes its way through Peebles.

Paths alongside both are fairly easy to follow (in the town) and the Tweed path offers some beautiful walking opportunities outwith the town itself.