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Riverside walk - The Cuddy

The 'cuddy' also known as the Eddleston water flows into the Tweed from the North.

A walk along the cuddy could, if you want, begin from its mouth where it joins the Tweed but, we suggest joining from the steps at the Parish church end of the high street (just down from the Red Door).

It's an easy walk that takes you along the opposite side of the river from Biggiesnowe and on almost to the northern edge of the town.

You will most probably see a large number of ducks along the way and some fish in the deeper slow moving part of the river opposite Tesco supermarket.

You can return the way you came or cross the steel bridge at the foot of Dalatho. Once you cross, you can either :

Follow the path right to take you to the playing fields on the northern edge of town.


simply continue up Kingsland road up to Rosetta road and then turn left back towards the town center.