Visit Peebles - The Royal Burgh

The Cross Kirk (ruin c. 1260)

Historic Scotland Property
(free entry) Cross Road, Peebles.

The Ruins of the Cross Kirk can be found just North of the town centre set amongst a slightly wooded are of land in a peaceful residential are.

The ruins were once a Trinitarian Priory. The priory was built upone orders by King Alexander III of Scotland following the discovery here of a cross and relics of St Nicholas of Myrna.

A gravestone also uncovered at that time was inscribed "the place of Saint Nicolas the bishop". The church was dedicated to him, and to The Holy Rood (or Cross) which gives the church its name.

In the 15 c. a monastery was attached to the Cross Kirk and for a time after the Reformation it had become the burgh's parish church.

Nearby are also the ruins of St Andrews Church, founded in 1195 and which later became a collegiate church.

Historical content : taken from the Town Walk