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Tweed Bridge

Until the 18th century, this was the only bridge crossing above Kelso.

The first stone bridge was built about 1485. This bridge replaced an earlier wooden structure, though still onle wide enough (2.4m) for a horse and cart.

It was first widened to 6.0m in 1834, and again to 12.0m in 1900. This widenings can be seen clearly from underneath the arches, the river walk being reached by proceeding down the Port Brae and on to Tweed Green.

Tweed Bridge was part of an important drove road between the 17th and 19centuries for the movement of cattle from the Highlands to as far South as the midlands of England.

Downstream, the panoramic view highlights how the town's building were first developed on the old rig principle - with the gable-ends facing the High Street and the roof ridges and gardens running down to the long vanished Town Wall which ran along the edge of the Green.

Historical content : taken from the Town Walk