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Tweeddale Society

The object of the Society is the study of the History and Natural history, Archaeology and Literature of the area of Tweeddale in all its aspects.

All meetings are held in the Eastgate Theatre and Arts Centre and commence at 7.30 p.m.

The object of the Society is the study of the History and Natural history, Archaeology and Literature of the area of Tweeddale in all its aspects and of the historic records and surviving monuments of its past and the publication of authoritative papers bearing on these subjects: to further the encouragement throughout the area of a balanced appreciation of historical buildings and sites and of the need for their preservation and recording. The scope of lectures and visits may be extended to cover other areas.


A History of Peebles published in 1990 states that a “Peeblesshire Society” was founded in the 1880’s.  No records now exist of this early phase of the Society’s history but it seems to have fallen into abeyance about the start of the 20th century.

There is on record however that, in February 1913, a public meeting was held  “to consider proposals to form a County Association for the purpose of stimulating interest throughout the County in the study of history and natural science”.

A draft constitution for this new club was approved at another public meeting in Peebles on 12th March 1913.  The Innerleithen Alpine Club was amalgamated with this new Club which started life under the rather cumbersome title “The Tweeddale Club for the Study of History and Natural Science”  This title was soon changed to “The Tweeddale Society” and has remained so ever since.  The Society flourished for 28 years until it was suspended in 1941 during the Second World War.  

Sponsored by the Extra Mural Studies Department of the University of Edinburgh, another public meeting was held in the Peebles Town Hall In 1967 to consider the revival of the Society.  The first winter meeting was then held on 12th September 1967.

MANAGEMENT.   The Society is administered by a Council which is elected at the Annual General Meeting.  At present the Council consists of six office bearers and six ordinary members.

MEETINGS.  From the beginning the Society adopted a pattern of activities which still operates today, namely one or more summer outings to places of special interest, and six winter meetings at five of which lectures are given on subjects within the remit of the Society’s constitution, one of these is normally held as a joint meeting with the Peeblesshire Archaeological Society.  The April meeting is usually the Annual General Meeting of the Society.

OTHER ACTIVITIES.  Apart from its winter and summer activities the Society has contributed over the years to the social and cultural life of Tweeddale. 

There is a great deal to be gained from recording our Oral History and the Society recently recorded and transcribed the memories from some of our more senior citizens. This has now been published under the title “Peebles Remembered” 

The Society has also been involved recently in conjunction with the Scottish Borders Council Museum Service in the re-issue of “Gleanings from Grandfather’ Attic”.

This is a collection of papers retrieved from the attic of J & W Buchan, W.S. by the late Sheila Scott (with the help of Eric Stevenson) which provide a fascinating insight into life in an earlier age.  The papers are available in booklet form and as a CD-ROM (JPEG, TIFF, PDF).

Sheila Scott was a noted local historian and active member of the Tweeddale Society.  She was much involved in the setting up of the John Buchan Centre in Broughton and these papers were one of several publications Miss Scott produced.  Copies can be obtained from Peebles Library.

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